‘Still an only child…’

From the time my dad left to just before my sister was born, things are very blurred.  When I say things, I mean life at home with my mother.  I really don’t remember much about day to day living at all.  The only events I seem to remember are the ones I found upsetting. I definitely […]

‘I have a confession…’

As you already know, I’m new to blogging.  But, more importantly, it’s new for me ‘not’ to cover up my past and hide it from others.  To just be honest.  That was the point of me writing this blog after all; to write about it without feeling ashamed or worried that people may not believe me and to honestly […]

‘The choice…’

I was six years old and this is my second ever memory, and the last memory I have of  living with my father.  Me, my mother and father were sat around a small kitchen table.   I remember feeling excited because I was the centre of their attention.  Then came the question:  ‘who do you want to live with, me or […]