‘Where am I going with this blog…’

My intention is to give some insight into the challenges faced by children who experience child abuse; child abuse in the form of physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional neglect.  I also want to give some insight into the challenges faced by children living with a parent who is mentally ill; and finally, to give some insight into what its like when a child has to come to terms with  abandonment.  It all sounds rather depressing, and it was.  This ‘was’ my life.  But it isn’t now.  I survived and more importantly, am living a happy and fulfilling life.  Many children don’t survive though, and if they do, sadly many don’t lead happy, fulfilling lives.

I decided to blog because I am now ready to share my experiences, albeit anonymously.  To share my experience with academics, survivors and anybody else who would be interested. I don’t want people to think I am wallowing in self-pity, or worse, am being narcissistic.  I am truly not.  I am not expecting comments back, or even followers.  I just want people to read my blog if they are interested in my experiences.  The only thing I would ask of you, if you do decide to comment, is to please be kind.

Written by ‘Survivor-uncensored’


2 thoughts on “‘Where am I going with this blog…’

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