‘The choice…’

I was six years old and this is my second ever memory, and the last memory I have of  living with my father.  Me, my mother and father were sat around a small kitchen table.   I remember feeling excited because I was the centre of their attention.  Then came the question:  ‘who do you want to live with, me or your dad’.    They explained to me that they were going to be living separately and it was up to me who I lived with.  I remember laughing and saying ‘mum’, then quickly changing it to ‘dad’ and finally saying ‘mum’.

I went to bed that night, thinking that I would say ‘dad’ tomorrow.  But tomorrow never came, not in the way I wanted it to.  He left that night.  I was devastated, hysterical.  My mothers attempt at comforting me was to tell me that he gave me a kiss good-bye.

Written by ‘Survivor-uncensored’


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