‘When two became four…’

I was seven and a half when my sister was born and I don’t remember ‘anything’ about the event at all – nada!  I don’t remember where I stayed when my mother was in hospital or who I stayed with.    I don’t even remember seeing my sister for the first time.  The earliest memory I have of my sister is when my step-father was already in our lives; just for the record, my step-father is not my sisters father…confusing isn’t it!  And I don’t remember ‘when’ my step-father  came on the scene either.  He sort of ‘appeared’.  Anyway, below is my earliest memory of my sister and him.

‘When two became four…’
I was eight years old
I don’t remember when he came into our lives – maybe he was always there, waiting for his opportunity
I needed to go to the toilet for a pee, really badly
He was changing my sisters nappy on the floor and making her laugh
I tried to squeeze past, but he wouldn’t let me
He told me to wait – but I couldn’t wait!
I looked at  him as I start to pee and finally he responded-
‘You dirty little bugger’.

Written by ‘Survivor-uncensored’

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