Its not until I re-read my poems relating to my experience with food, that I understand ‘why’ I have such a difficult relationship with it. When I was growing up, meal times were really unpleasant times that often ended in violence. The correlation between unhappiness/control and eating is so strong and embedded into my psyche, […]

‘Mealtimes together…’

Mealtimes together as it should be, Sitting at the table, one two three. But where is he? No-where to be seen. We begin to eat – not much speak, Anxiety already building, Mouth dry -I want to cry I know what’s coming. A little while later he opens the door Shouts some more Tears a […]

‘Wild Card…’

My mother was the eldest of two children, the other child being a brother.  There was a seven year gap between my mother and her brother – whether this was ‘planned’ by my grand-parents or not, is anyones guess.   They lived in the East of England, not far from the coast and had a house  in the […]