‘Thought for today…’

Its a beautiful day – hot, hot, hot.   I’m sitting at the kitchen table, watching my daughter playing  in the garden in her nighty -clambering on top of her play house and rigging up some rope to the tree above.  She is carefree and happy.  My son is upstairs, either reading, listening to music or on his phone – again carefree and happy.     This afternoon, we are going to the beach.   I know my children are lucky – lucky in the sense that I have the money to spend on the petrol to ‘drive’ them to the beach, to be able to buy my daughter her playhouse and my son his phone.  I do get that.   However, I know children who don’t have those things that are equally happy because they are loved, safe and stimulated in other ways. If the only things we parents can provide for our children is safety and love, I feel its enough.  Stimulation comes a very close third.  And then other things to follow.  But I truly believe that safety and love are key.

Written by ‘Survivor-Uncensored’


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