‘Thought for today…’

My daughter had a friend over today for a play.  They made up games in the garden and had a picnic outside.  My daughter seemed very happy and very pleased to be spending time with her friend.

Sadly,  there are many children who are not given the opportunity to socialise with their friends.  They can never invite friends over to play and consequently, never get invited to friends for play dates.   As parents, its easier for us to invite the children home, with whom we have a connection with their parents – we are ‘similar’ in some way.    Without realising it, we ‘filter out’ the seemingly desirable, from the seemingly less desirable.  I of all people should know that it is wrong to do that.  Children are not given a choice in what type of family they are born into, what clothes they  wear, what name they are given or how they speak.

Lets all make an effort to notice the child that wouldn’t normally be noticed and invite that child for a play date.  We could be the ‘normality’ that child needs.

Written by ‘Survivor-Uncensored’


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