‘My sister…’

My relationship with my sister means so much to me – always has and always will.  She was the first child I ever parented actually and, even though I was only a child myself, I took this responsibility very seriously.  Nobody asked me to parent her, I just did it.   When she was little, she would sometimes sleep with me in bed; she would wrap her little arms around my neck, cuddling me tightly and would stay in that position all night. In the morning she would  still be in my bed, arms around my neck.

I remember when she was around six years old, she asked me where babies came from.  Being the responsible ‘parent’ I was, I got a book out from the library that explained to young children where babies came from.  That night, we sat in bed together and I read the book to my sister.  My mother was very jealous of my relationship with her and would often try to sabotage it.  It never worked, and only drove us even closer together, as we remain today.

‘To My Sister’
It’s funny – I can’t remember the first time I saw you;
Such a major event as well – two becoming three.
But the photos I have show me you were beautiful –
Well of course you were!

I’m not sure what you thought about your family –
You were loved, that’s for sure.
But was it enough?
Enough for you not to hear the shouting and screaming,
Enough for you not to see the marks on my body,
Enough for you not to feel the fear.

You accepted my love by giving me more,
You gave me a reason not to fall on the floor
With my hands up high saying ‘I can’t take any more!’
Thank you.

Written by ‘Survivor-Uncensored’

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