‘Difficult decisions…’

At 2.30pm today, our wonderful dog who has been a big part of our family life for twelve years, is being ‘put to sleep’.  I’m dreading it.   It seems such a wrong thing to do-consciously deciding to end somethings life; but the only other choice is to do nothing and let him continue to be in pain, and eventually starve himself to death.

My husband and I have disagreed on whether to let the children have a choice of being with the dog when he is ‘put to sleep’ – I thought yes, he thought no.  We chatted about it at length and will be giving them the choice.  I don’t think every child should be given a choice with this kind of thing, but as their parents, we both know that the children are emotionally able to deal with the experience.  Yes, they will be upset, but that is normal and we will help them to deal with it.   They are emotionally resilient and understand the cycle of life and death – this is something we have never hidden from them.  Of course we will be putting things in place to make sure it is as least traumatic for the dog and children as possible – the dog will be heavily sedated before anything else, so will be in a sleepy state.  He will also be wrapped in his blanket, so any bodily reaction will be hidden.  And the children can leave at any time, and either myself or my husband will go with them.

As parents, we have to make so many difficult decisions which involve the well-being of our children.  All we can do is give much thought and consideration to the decision; hopefully, most of the time we get it right, but sometimes we will get it wrong.  And that’s o.k too.  No parent is perfect.

Written by ‘Survivor-Uncensored’


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