‘Wild Card…’

My mother was the eldest of two children, the other child being a brother.  There was a seven year gap between my mother and her brother – whether this was ‘planned’ by my grand-parents or not, is anyones guess.   They lived in the East of England, not far from the coast and had a house  in the countryside.    Their house  was a pretty, semi-detached house (probably one big house long before), with a sweeping driveway that  took you into a large garden; this was where my grand-father spent much of his time growing vegetables and flowers, as well as making things in his workshop .  The garden boundary was a hedge that overlooked a paddock with horses, jumps etc.   A ford ran opposite the house and the local primary school was a beautiful, thatched building.  It would have been a ‘very’ quiet place to live.

My grand-parents were traditional folk.  My grand-mother was a full time mother.  The baby photos of my mother and her brother suggested that my gran took much pride in how they looked – always wearing beautiful clothes etc.  I don’t know where my grand-father worked, but when he was in his mid-forties, he had a serious car accident and his legs were crushed.  I was told he spent months recovering from his accident and was never able to work again.   The compensation he received from the accident paid off their mortgage.

Apparently, my mother had always been a ‘wild card’ (phrase used by my grand-parents) – at school and at home.  So… ‘wild card’ lived up to her name by getting involved with my father when she was seventeen (he was thirty eight, married with four kids) and becoming pregnant at the age of 18.   By the time I was born, my mother and father had moved to the North of England and were living together in a caravan site.   My parents did get married, but their marriage only lasted six years.  My father then moved away to continue working  on the oil rigs and my mother stayed with me in the caravan. How her life had changed…

Written by ‘Survivor-Uncensored’


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