‘Trying to survive the chaos…’

As a teenager, I saw the end of each day as having been another day I had ‘survived’ – survived the chaos and often the abuse.  It was exhausting. One day, when I was in my mid-teens, I came home from school to find my step-father upstairs, laying on the bed almost lifeless – he […]

‘What a week…’

I have had ‘such’ an emotional week.   Tomorrow will only be week two of having not seen my constant ‘Doris’  and I have to say, its been bloody hard.    My last session was incredibly emotional because she’s helping me to ‘figure out’ some really difficult memories that I’ve found hard to stop thinking […]

‘When I think of you…’

When I think of you and try to put pen to paper, thoughts can stop. The association I have to you is one of being numb-not being able to think or feel; 26 year on, yet those feelings are still strong. I was never able to stand up against you with the strength of my […]