‘What a week…’

I have had ‘such’ an emotional week.   Tomorrow will only be week two of having not seen my constant ‘Doris’  and I have to say, its been bloody hard.    My last session was incredibly emotional because she’s helping me to ‘figure out’ some really difficult memories that I’ve found hard to stop thinking about; consequently, I haven’t really been sleeping very well.  When I say ‘haven’t really been sleeping,  I really do mean it.  I’ve been getting around 4 hours of broken sleep, maximum.

So… with this in mind, you can imagine how hard it was to attend an interview this week and have to give a ‘micro-teach’ to a panel.   It really wasn’t good timing.  But the good news is – I got the job!  I couldn’t believe it.  They told me at the end of the day , the same day I’d had the interview and were so complimentary on my ‘micro-teach’ and the subject I had chosen to talk about.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, the following day I received a congratulatory letter from ‘Poetry Rivals 2013, National Poetry Competition’ saying that a poem I had submitted a few months ago, had won a place for publication in their next published poetry book!

This week has really shown me in no uncertain terms,  that good times can come out of bad, and what doesn’t break you can make you stronger.    I wouldn’t have chosen this week for an interview, but had to make the best of it, so gave it my best shot.  The poem I submitted was a ‘cheeky try’ really.  I NEVER thought I would hear back from them, but just wanted to be brave enough to submit a piece of my work.   And look at the outcome.    Even though I am ‘still’ sleep deprived and having to manage my emotions until I see Doris, I’m feeling positive, optimistic  and proud of myself.  Rock on!!!

Written by ‘Survivor-Uncensored’

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