‘What will be, will be …’

To accept a situation that you didn’t want to be,
To say goodbye to someone you actually want to see,
For me – is one of the hardest things to do.
Experience seems to have counted for nothing.

Yet, without truly accepting, you cannot move on,
Energy just gets expelled and eventually strength is gone.

So – what needs to be done to move on from this dilemma?

Firstly, I’m thinking of re-framing ‘acceptance’ as being something that needs to be understood – if I could.
My default position when saying ‘good-bye’ is to cry; mourning for what may be lost or forgotten.
But my default needs to change and my mourning needs to stop because-
what is forgotten can be remembered, what is lost is sometimes found
And goodbye is, often, as final as we want to make it.

3 thoughts on “‘What will be, will be …’

    • Many thanks for you feedback – really appreciate it. I feel that situations don’t always ‘stay the same’, hence my analogy/metaphor of things being lost that don’t always stay lost. So, when a relationship changes, somebody leaves, whatever, unless they die of course, that relationship could be picked up again, if so desired by both parties. Also, we may be out of somebody’s mind for a time, but thats not to say it will be forever. I have had to say goodbye to many people in my life – not be choice. My biggest fear was my relationship with them being lost forever, or them forgetting me. I now feel that ‘what will be, will be’. There is no absolute until we are no longer on this earth.

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