‘The joy and sorrow of Christmas…’

Christmas can be one of the best times of the year – if you have close family and/or friends to share it with.  Thankfully, I’m one of the lucky women who does.  I have a wonderful husband (who isn’t perfect, but then,who is!), two fabulous kids (who test me beyond belief, but name me children who don’t!), a small, but cosy little house in an area I love living in – a dog and two cats.  We all intend to ‘flop’ over the christmas period and just enjoy each others company, animals and all.

But, as much as I would like to pretend it was always like this, it wasn’t.  I don’t feel like elaborating on the obvious (the name of my blog says it all), but I do want to acknowledge and think of those people who are still in very unhappy places – mentally, physical and ‘literally’.   For these people, Christmas will be one of their ‘worst’ times of the year.  A time when it is not easy to escape.  I get that and remember it well.

I will endeavour to blog again over the Christmas period, but until then, thoughts, love and best wishes to all.

3 thoughts on “‘The joy and sorrow of Christmas…’

    • I take your point, but would maybe say that for ‘a lot’ of people, rather than ‘most’ people it is not the best time of the year. But you could be right. I suppose it depends what you think ‘one of the best times of the year’ constitutes. For me, its spending non-pressured time with my kids and husband, as well as going to gatherings we have been invited to by friends – kids included.

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