‘I am in Ecdysis…’

No, I haven’t become ‘too big for my boots’ since becoming an Open University student.  I discovered the word ‘ecdysis’ today and thought how accurately that process describes how I’m feeling right now.  For those of you who are unaware of the word, it is of Greek origin and describes the process of shedding the […]

‘Maternal Instinct…’

Until I had children of my own, I never really thought about  ‘maternal instinct’.  All I knew, or rather felt, was that my own mother didn’t give a shit about me.  She knew her relationship with my step-father was detrimental to my well-being (he started abusing me ‘before’ the domestic violence started), but, because she […]

‘Still an only child…’

From the time my dad left to just before my sister was born, things are very blurred.  When I say things, I mean life at home with my mother.  I really don’t remember much about day to day living at all.  The only events I seem to remember are the ones I found upsetting. I definitely […]