‘Here’s to 2014…’

I thought it might be too late to say Happy New Year!  I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break.  Mine was fairly uneventful, but in a good way.  Time chilling with the kids and planning what personal challenges I’m intending to achieve this coming year.  So let me fill you in… Firstly, I am […]

‘Apparently, I should have known…’

After the ‘broken promise’ incident, my relationship with my step-father and mother went from bad to worse.  I had clearly pissed them off in a really big way and, even at eight years old, I began to realise I was in a dangerous situation at home; dangerous in terms of a) knowing my mother wouldn’t […]

‘Everything changes…’

I was eight years old and things were going badly at home.  Bad in terms of my step-father being a heavy drinker and it causing ‘lots’ of arguments between him and my mother.  One evening, when my mother was out and he was looking after me and my sister, he sexually abused me.   ‘No […]