‘What a week…’

I have had ‘such’ an emotional week.   Tomorrow will only be week two of having not seen my constant ‘Doris’  and I have to say, its been bloody hard.    My last session was incredibly emotional because she’s helping me to ‘figure out’ some really difficult memories that I’ve found hard to stop thinking […]

‘Life is a journey…’

Yesterday, our family dog was put to sleep.  It went as well as could be expected; my daughter didn’t want to be present, so went to a friends house.  That left myself, husband and teenage son.  The dog slipped away peacefully, with no horrible reaction to the drug – thank god.  My son then sobbed […]

‘Difficult decisions…’

At 2.30pm today, our wonderful dog who has been a big part of our family life for twelve years, is being ‘put to sleep’.  I’m dreading it.   It seems such a wrong thing to do-consciously deciding to end somethings life; but the only other choice is to do nothing and let him continue to […]