‘Trying to regain some control…’

I suddenly realised that I and I alone had control of what stayed in my stomach.   My step-father had the power to force me to eat, but unless he kept me under lock and key, he couldn’t stop me from vomiting it back up.  So I did.  It was my way of saying ‘fuck […]

‘When (food=trauma)…’

My earliest memory and experience of food was when I was around five years old.  I had been looked after by a babysitter the night before, who had taken it upon herself to eat some food out of the fridge.  The next day, my mother went to the fridge to get the piece of meat […]

‘London’s calling…’

My three weekly ritual is here again, The trip to see my Constant ‘Doris’, to talk about my pain. So, I sit on the train and gather my thoughts – note book and pen in hand and start to write about the things that have happened and the thoughts going on in my head. From […]