‘I am in Ecdysis…’

No, I haven’t become ‘too big for my boots’ since becoming an Open University student.  I discovered the word ‘ecdysis’ today and thought how accurately that process describes how I’m feeling right now.  For those of you who are unaware of the word, it is of Greek origin and describes the process of shedding the […]

‘Trying to survive the chaos…’

As a teenager, I saw the end of each day as having been another day I had ‘survived’ – survived the chaos and often the abuse.  It was exhausting. One day, when I was in my mid-teens, I came home from school to find my step-father upstairs, laying on the bed almost lifeless – he […]

‘Abusive relationships are complicated…’

Its strange to think that when I was growing up I actually had a ‘closer’ relationship to my step-father, than my mother.  I feel the need to explain why.  You see, in between the abusive episodes, he acted relatively ‘normal’ and could be funny, caring and protective.   This was what was so upsetting for […]