‘The shit hit the fan…’

After swallowing nearly a bottle of tablets, I left the house and got onto the school bus.  I remember looking at the faces around me, wondering what kind of morning they’d all had.  My heart was beating so hard, I thought it was going to explode out of my chest.  I felt terrified, yet liberated […]

‘I couldn’t take it any more…’

It was a Thursday evening, nearing the end of the week. I don’t remember why I was hit- what I had done to cause your fit of rage. I’d say – nothing much, if anything at all. But that night, like many others, you told me I had to stay in my room. “My room” […]

‘When I think of you…’

When I think of you and try to put pen to paper, thoughts can stop. The association I have to you is one of being numb-not being able to think or feel; 26 year on, yet those feelings are still strong. I was never able to stand up against you with the strength of my […]