‘When I think of you…’

When I think of you and try to put pen to paper, thoughts can stop. The association I have to you is one of being numb-not being able to think or feel; 26 year on, yet those feelings are still strong. I was never able to stand up against you with the strength of my […]

‘Abusive relationships are complicated…’

Its strange to think that when I was growing up I actually had a ‘closer’ relationship to my step-father, than my mother.  I feel the need to explain why.  You see, in between the abusive episodes, he acted relatively ‘normal’ and could be funny, caring and protective.   This was what was so upsetting for […]

‘Mealtimes together…’

Mealtimes together as it should be, Sitting at the table, one two three. But where is he? No-where to be seen. We begin to eat – not much speak, Anxiety already building, Mouth dry -I want to cry I know what’s coming. A little while later he opens the door Shouts some more Tears a […]